terça-feira, 3 de novembro de 2015

Taizé: Finding Peace And Happiness

Hey! For a really long time I was looking for a topic that could fit as the "first" post in this blog, not that I won't post some random and funny stuff but I needed something that was "really good" to start off. Therefore, after thinking a lot about this I decided to share my experience in Taizé with you guys! 

quinta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2015


Hello! After a long time thinking about this I finally decided to do it. I created this blog two years ago but I have never really use it, you know. At that time, it was only a random idea. I remember doing one or two posts but that was it. I never fully dedicated myself to it or even thought about this as a serious thing.
However, I'm decided to go ahead with this now. Not that I certainly know what I will write about but I guess I will just "go with the flow". I'm really excited to see where this is going to lead me and I hope you can follow me in this journey! :)

If you want to know a little bit more about myself keep reading!

domingo, 10 de novembro de 2013


Hello! Today I was thinking about what should I write in my new post and after a while I decided to write about my favourite book. So, Wuthering Heights it's probably the best book I ever read and honestly I can't really put words to explain why. The story is so good and the characters... Oh well, I feel like they are real, I mean you can really relate to them. And, what upsets me the most is that Emily Brontë (if you don't know who she is I'm going to kill you) had to write her book hiding over a pen name (Ellis Bellbecause of all stereotypes towards women during that time. And, I'm still sad because she will never know how talented and wonderful she was, but fortunately now her book is considered a classic of English literature. I don't know, but I really like her and the way that her family members described her personality... She seemed such a great person.
Anyway you can learn a little bit more about her here and you can buy the book here (if you're from Portugal, but even if not I'm sure that in your country most of the book stores have to have it.)

Don't forget to tell me in the comments below if you like this book or if you're going to read it! I will be so happy to know :) Thank you so much and I hope you like it!